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What is Custom eLearning Development?

eLearning and specifically micro-learning is paramount to the education today. Learning and development are no longer just moving online, it is online. Therefore, our custom eLearning development process was created to rapidly produce eLearning and micro-learning content at scale so you can meet any project deadline.

When you partner with us we not only educate you on the process, we execute the LISO Method (Large Input, Speedy Output) to produce massive amounts of custom eLearning content 7x faster than the competition. And we do it without skimping on quality.

Now if you forgot to watch the video above, it is time for you to scroll back up and give it a watch to learn about our full eLearning and micro-learning capabilities.

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We provide Solutions to your custom eLearning development Challenges.


Frustrated About Too Many Platform Options

  • There are 1,000s of software and platform options for online education.
  • Without proper knowledge and an experienced custom eLearning development partner, it is overwhelming to choose and integrate a system.


  • Our clients say we help them navigate the decision-making process to select the best platform for their needs.


Concerned with High Cost and Time Required to Create Custom Content

  • 70% of employees believe custom content is paramount to growth and development.
  • Custom eLearning development costs $100,000+. It can take 100+ hours to develop 1 hour of custom content.


  • Our clients say even though we are not the cheapest option, we produce content for 1/2 the price and 1/2 the time without sacrificing quality. This makes us a cost-effective solution that gives you real value.


Disappointed in Low Employee eLearning Engagement

  • After completing custom eLearning development, a weak internal communication strategy can lead to unforeseen deployment costs.
  • This, along with poor course development, results in 30% employee engagement rate in eLearning.


  • Our clients say their employees are 50% more engaged with the content we develop and platforms we deploy.


Poor eLearning Project Management and Quality Assurance

Custom eLearning development has numerous moving pieces that need to be properly managed to ensure success. These include:

  • Technology
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Course Creators
  • Content Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Project Management


  • Our clients say we seamlessly bring the moving pieces together, utilizing internal and external resources so their only focus is providing the course itself.


Confused by High Employee Turnover

  • 70% of millennials leave jobs that lack strong growth and development opportunities.
  • Some companies believe they are offering valuable employee education, but still have high turnover rates.


  • Our clients say we discover, develop, and deploy custom eLearning development strategies that align with their companiy’s goals.
  • We achieve this by communicating directly with employees of all levels to find out exactly what they care about and want to learn.
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3-Step Process

Our clients say that our capabilities successfully achieve their business objectives.

We provide immediate results through discovery, development, and deployment of the following capabilities to deliver you value each step of the way.

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Step 1: Discover

First, we define specific custom eLearning development challenges, business objectives, and affected stakeholders. Then we choose a platform and subject matter experts, define the length of course and content, and identify where the course content will be sourced from.

Step 2: Develop

Second, we develop a custom eLearning development course outline and organize the content into digestible segments, develop course content, and provide project management and quality assurance.

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Step 3: Deploy

Lastly, we assist in deploying your custom eLearning development course or program based on the level of involvement you choose to ensure its success and continuously assess its effectiveness.


Our clients say our custom eLearning development achieves their business objectives.

Step 1 green box that says Internal Corporation Communication Strategy

Custom eLearning development creates a strong learning and development environment for your target stakeholders – leadership, employees, and vendors. You are producing specialized growth opportunities and will retain employees as a result.

Step 2 green box that says create emotion

Our custom eLearning development is developed strategically around the wants and needs of your employees, therefore, creating a long-term emotional commitment to learning and development success.

step 3 green box says sustainable action

Humans make 10,000 decisions a day. 9,000 are made subconsciously based on emotion. Emotion based custom eLearning development content facilitiates knowledge retention and produces long-term sustainable action for your organization.

step 4 green box that says achieve business objectives

By focusing on creating sustainable action with custom eLearning development, we will choose the best platform, produce high quality content in a timely manner, increase employee engagement and retention, and manage all of the moving parts for you.


Our clients say when we deploy custom eLearning development it is seamless by replacing the old response with the new strategy.


The challenge is the cue that causes deployment of response(s).

New Strategy

Your custom eLearning development strategy is the company’s emotion based sustainable response to your challenges to achieve your business objectives.


Your new custom eLearning developnent strategy is deployed to produce long-term success to solve your strategic communication challenges year after year.


The challenge is the cue that causes deployment of response(s).

New Strategy

Your custom eLearning development strategy is the company’s emotion based sustainable response to your challenges to achieve your business objectives.


Your new custom eLearning developnent strategy is deployed to produce long-term success to solve your strategic communication challenges year after year.

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“Since our brand and reputation is critical to our growth and survival, when we decided to put some of our educational content online we had to pick the right partner to help us do that. We interviewed multiple companies and choose to work with VP Legacies®.
VP Legacies® was easy to work with, responsive to our suggestions and feedback and produced an outstanding product. We have been very happy with their work and absolutely recommend their services to others seeking professional educational content.”

Bret Fund – The We Company


Why are we different? Because of personal connection®.

  • Our vision is to create a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect and our mission is to help people build relationships in their personal and professional lives.
  • Learn immediately valuable and actionable relationship building skills to help you and the people around you have a fulfilling personal and professional life grounded by personal connections®.

How does getting started work?

We assign a relationship manager, a project manager, and applicable team members to every project.

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Relationship Manager

Responsible for the overall relationship with you and your team.  All technical aspects should be communicated to the project manager.

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Project Manager

Responsible for managing your project and project team members. In addition, they are the point of contact for all technical questions regarding your project.

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Team Members

Depending on custom eLearning development, we customize our teams to solve challenges and achieve business objectives.

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