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Why are Editing Services important?


We pride ourselves on the high quality storytelling we produce with our comprehensive editing services. Editing is at the core of what we do and what we believe. This is because you can write the greatest story, film the best footage, have the greatest producers and directors, but have a terrible editor and the project is ruined. The flip side of this is having an average story, average media assets, and an awesome editor can still produce something beautiful.

Editing is the process of combining all of the media assets produced, collects and organized into an emotionally resonating storytelling piece for the world to see. The possibilities are endless in what stories can be produced through the process of editing. The hard part is knowing what the best story is to connect with the proper audience and to achieve business goals.

This is where our creative and business expertise elevates our services from a video production company to a storytelling marketing company focused on creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect.

We are able to visualize the ending product from a creative and business return on investment perspective before we even begin providing editing services. Everything is life is about producing creating something efficiently that effectively fulfills a goal. Our editing services do both of those things producing the greatest level of value to our customers.

Editing Process


Collect media assets.

First, we collect all visual and audio media assets that will be used in editing. This includes video footage, photos, logos and other branding graphics, sound effects & soundtracks, etc. These assets are organized for ease of use for the current project and any future projects the client wants our help with. Data management allows us to help our clients maintain the history of their visual story.

“Rough Cut(s)” reviewed.

Next, we edit together the first draft of the video(s) for our clients to review. We have a very efficient and effective user friendly process utilizing feedback software. We repeat this step until our clients are 100% happy about their project and we believe it has achieved the business and creative goals we have created with our clients.

“Final Cut” delivered.

Once we receive confirmation that the rough cut is perfect we make all of the final edits and touch ups and deliver the “Final Cut” to our clients. We send our clients easily downloadable HD digital copies of the videos and give our marketing recommendations on how to use the content next to get the video in front of their target audience. Executing a distribution strategy is a consulting services.

A few of our clients we have helped create personal connection:

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