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Storytelling is complex. Storytelling consulting makes it simple.

As an advanced society so heavily reliant on technology, people have a really hard time telling a story. We constantly rely on messaging between one another, afraid to pick up the phone and talk. This has caused us to forget how to tell a powerful and riveting story. Texting, tagging, and snapping are our main forms of communication, not really personally connecting with one another. In social settings, we are so quick to pick up our phone when we really should pick up where we left off with our company. Personally connecting with each other via storytelling has become a lost art, and it’s our job to bring it back. Our storytelling consulting services address the biggest problem — telling a story.

Storytelling is a true art. It has to have the right balance of trust, story details, and emotion all represented. It’s often a first impression and insight into who someone is, what they believe in, and how they want to express themselves. Stories leave a mark on the audience; even the smallest of details can resonate. And it’s not easy, which is why we offer storytelling consulting services.

We believe in the power of storytelling, which is why it’s a core part of our business model. We want to help you tell a truly emotionally resonating story so that you can connect with your employees and consumers. By digging deep to the emotional and psychological roots of why a business or an individual exists, we will guide you through the personal connection and storytelling steps to take to build a story for yourself and your business. In turn, you will have employees that truly believe in you and your business.

Storytelling Consulting Process


Create a clear story.

We take the time to learn and experience your story by getting to know you and your business. By starting with the fundamentals of your story, we are able to truly understand what emotionally drives you and your business to do what you do. The more information you present us the better — that’s what is going to make your story stand out from the rest.

Visually represent story.

After a clear story has been created, a visual representation is crucial. As humans, we struggle to connect with things unless they are tangible. Therefore, the next step is to create a visual plan showcasing the story in a form that is easily seen and understood. We create a custom storytelling strategy to provide the best visuals for your unique audience.

Manage and share.

With a clear and visually represented story, your story must be shared. We will evaluate your project and help you decide the best way share your story. The best way to connect with a wide audience is through audio and visual connection. Next to connecting in person, creating video to connect is the most effective medium.

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