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We develop strategic communication strategies for building personal connection®.

Business is built on relationships. Our communication strategies focus on building strong relationships with your employees.

Utilizing strategic communication, we create an environment with a clear identity and plenty of opportunities for personal connection®.

Building a strategic communication plan that emphasizes consistency and empathy improves employee retention and overall business health.

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Saved DISH $400K+ and 12+ months

We partnered with Jobber Group on an employer branding strategy to hire 2 C-Levels in 90 days for 10x less investment than industry averages.

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Produced eLearning for WE with 40%+ more engagement than industry average

We developed a custom eLearning development strategy, managed 5+ subject matter experts, created 150+ microlearning videos and deployed a platform in 90 days with 40%+ more engagement than industry average.

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We start with
a 3-step process


We start by Discovering your company’s business objectives.

  • Diagnose strategic communication challenges.
  • Identify stakeholders affected by these challenges and business objectives.
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Next, we Develop your customized strategic communication strategy.

  • Conduct individual and group interviews with different employee levels and other key affected stakeholders.
  • Develop a strategic communication strategy by identifying communication tools and recommending a team for deployment.

Finally, we recommend strategic communication strategy Deployment options and solutions to your challenges.

  • Utilize our communication tool recommendations and your internal resources to deploy your strategy.
  • Implement our strategic communication tools of custom eLearning development and employer branding.
  • Lastly, we recommend communication strategy deployment options and solutions to your challenges.
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We apply our 3-step process to our Capabilities.

We provide immediate results using our 3-step process for strategic communication. From discovery to development to deployment, our capabilities deliver you value each step of the way.

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Vision: Creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect®.

Mission: We are helping people build personal and professional relationships.


Access all of our Courses with one unlimited membership.

Your personal and professional life will be immediately impacted by your investment in self development. With unlimited access to our courses you will build genuine, long-lasting relationships with the most important people in your life: your friends, family, significant others, kids, colleagues and employees.


Personal Connection® 101: The Iceberg of Personal Connection

Personal connection® is at the core of being human, but in the modern world we all struggle to build genuine meaningful relationships with the people around us. In this course, we explain “The Iceberg of Personal Connection®” and how it can be used instantly in your life to have deep emotionally connecting conversations.

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Personal Connection®: How to Build a Strong Relationship with Yourself

With social distancing becoming part of our daily lives, the relationship with yourself has never been more important. This Personal Connection®  is a critical part of your relationships with other people, yet it is easy to neglect. Even if you’re committed to improving this relationship, it can be hard to find a good place to start. This course aims to explore several ideas that can foster a healthier connection with yourself.


Personal Connection®: Weekly Office Hours

Office hours are weekly live events that provide you with practical tips on how to build and enhance your personal connections. In this course, members get to interact with each other and share their meaningful personal connection moments, forming a supportive community. They also receive the answers to their most frequently asked questions from our instructors in real-time. Tune into our private zoom link at 2PM MST every Friday as a member.

Man sitting on a couch using his laptop to watch Personal Connection®: How to Personally Connect in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Available Now!

Personal Connection®: How to Personally Connect in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

This is our daily show live streamed on Facebbook and Instagram with the founders of VP Legacies. This is a free show to everyone even if they aren’t a member, but is definitely a benefit to ask questions and join our conversation live daily about the postive news related to covid-19 and social distancing and how to personally connect in a world where we all are living physically away from each other. Tune in between 10AM and 11AM MST daily.

We love to share our Insights.

We created these Insights for you based on our research and experience.

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