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We develop strategic communication strategies for building personal connection®.

Business is built on relationships. Our communication strategies focus on building strong relationships with your employees.

Utilizing strategic communication, we create an environment with a clear identity and plenty of opportunities for personal connection®.

Building a strategic communication plan that emphasizes consistency and empathy improves employee retention and overall business health.

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Saved DISH $400K+ and 12+ months

We partnered with Jobber Group on an employer branding strategy to hire 2 C-Levels in 90 days for 10x less investment than industry averages.

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Produced eLearning for WE with 40%+ more engagement than industry average

We developed a custom eLearning development strategy, managed 5+ subject matter experts, created 150+ microlearning videos and deployed a platform in 90 days with 40%+ more engagement than industry average.

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We start with
a 3-step process


We start by Discovering your company’s business objectives.

  • Diagnose strategic communication challenges.
  • Identify stakeholders affected by these challenges and business objectives.
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Next, we Develop your customized strategic communication strategy.

  • Conduct individual and group interviews with different employee levels and other key affected stakeholders.
  • Develop a strategic communication strategy by identifying communication tools and recommending a team for deployment.

Finally, we recommend strategic communication strategy Deployment options and solutions to your challenges.

  • Utilize our communication tool recommendations and your internal resources to deploy your strategy.
  • Implement our strategic communication tools of custom eLearning development and employer branding.
  • Lastly, we recommend communication strategy deployment options and solutions to your challenges.
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We apply our 3-step process to our Capabilities.

We provide immediate results using our 3-step process for strategic communication. From discovery to development to deployment, our capabilities deliver you value each step of the way.

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Vision: Creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect®.

Mission: We are helping people build personal and professional relationships.


Our Courses immediately create change in your life.

Our courses are made for you. They will help you build genuine, long-lasting relationships with the most important people in your life: your friends, family, significant others, kids, colleagues and employees.

Personal Connection® 101

The Iceberg of Personal Connection®


Personal Connection®

Build a Relationship with One’s Self


Personal Connection®

Living Without an Agenda


We love to share our Insights.

We created these Insights for you based on our research and experience.

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