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We produce eLearning and micro-learning content for time-sensitive projects that build personal connection®.

We live in a world ran by instant gratification. This means that your learners – students and/or employees, are used to getting everything in their lives instantly.

Educational content is no different. That is why our eLearning content production capabilities revolve around learners with a short attention span and provide personal connection®.

There is a rapid change in education and training happening. Learners want an online learning content experience and they want it now. We will get you there 7x faster than anyone else.

Technical eLearning & micro-learning content produced 7X faster than the competition.

We rescued 5 technical medical emergency online certification curriculums from vendors who were 12+ months behind on content production. And even with having to redo all eLearning content previously produced, we developed the eLearning and micro-learning content 7X faster than all previous vendors.

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eLearning Content Production for 100+ hours of content in less than 6 months.

We produced a custom eLearning development strategy, managed 5+ subject matter experts, created 400+ micro-learning videos, and served it on a platform 7+ times faster than any alternative solutions.

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We have a simple 3-step process


We clearly define the objectives of your eLearning or micro-learning project.

  • We seamlessly plug into your current learning and development ecosystem or help you create an ecosystem from scratch.
  • Align objectives and all stakeholders involved in the eLearning project on the same path.
  • Educate and consult you on eLearning production and micro-learning production best practices.
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We rapidly produce quality eLearning and micro-learning content.

  • We turn a macro amount of content into eLearning and micro-learning content 7X faster than the rest of the industry.
  • Implement a scalable, speedy, eLearning production process.
  • Manage subject matter experts, provide quality assurance for all eLearning content produced.

Finally, we integrate eLearning and micro-learning content into an online learning management system (LMS).

  • If you already have an LMS we will plug the eLearning and micro-learning content right in.
  • If your LMS doesn’t have the right eLearning capabilities or you don’t have one, we will help you integrate a new one.
  • Lastly, as eLearning and micro-learning experts, we will educate and consult you on how to get the most out of your newly produced eLearning and micro-learning content.
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We apply our 3-step process to our eLearning and micro-learning capabilities.

As learning and development moves online we are at the top of the industry as a partner that cares about giving you quality eLearning and microlearning production quickly so your learners don’t miss a beat.

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Vision: Creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect®.

Mission: Transform education and training by creating online programs indelibly focused on your learners.

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