How to Connect with Friends During Social Distancing

How to Connect with Friends During Social Distancing

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Social distancing is necessary right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your friends. There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you stay connected with the people that you care about, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be looking at in this article. When you get to the end of this article, you should know some of the ways that you can connect with your friends during social distancing. If you want to know more, keep reading down below.

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Make Use Of Social Media

You are going to have to make use of social media. Social media is how a lot of people stay connected even when social distancing wasn’t necessary, but now that it is, it’s become more critical than ever. With all the different platforms, this isn’t going to be too much of an issue, and if you don’t have everyone that you need on there, it’s time to get adding. The significant part about social media is that you can keep in contact with people in several different ways. You can do it through posting, commenting on their posts,  private messaging, and much more. There are lots of options to consider, so it’s not difficult to connect.

If you want to connect with more people, then you need to have as many social media accounts as possible. This way, you are going to have access to more of the population rather than just your friends. If you think about it, social distancing can also be a great way to meet new friends online, just make sure that you don’t go meeting them on your own when this is over! Always stay safe on social media.

Spend Time With Those Who Are With You

Ensure that you are making time for those that you are in isolation with. Think about the people who are in the home with you, and try to find plenty of time to spend with them. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be on your own or taking the time to catch up with the people who aren’t at home with you, but don’t forget about those who are. Make time to sit down with each other, talk, watch a movie, play a game, do whatever you want to. Connecting with people is about more than just talking to them over the phone.

In fact, making time for those who are at home with you is a great way to stop yourself from feeling lonely. When it comes to social distancing, it’s not hard to end up feeling a little lonely, but spending time with those who are around is a great way to combat this. Activities, like eating meals together or going on short walks, can bring joy during the pandemic!

Phone And Video Calling

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Something that has been around for a long time now is phone and video calling, so you are going to want to make use of this as much as you can. You are separated from those that you love, but you’re still going to want to hear their voice and see their face, so this is going to be necessary. You don’t want to underestimate the power of a good FaceTime call with your best friend. If you are used to seeing them a few times a week, the change is going to be hard, but video calling makes it a lot easier.

A lot of phones have video calling functions, but if they don’t, then use a computer.

There are apps that allow you to do group calls so you can talk to multiple friends at the same time! Nobody has to lose touch, and everyone can stay connected easily.

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Don’t Forget About You

When you are connecting with friends, you don’t want to forget about connecting with yourself. There are sites like VP Legacies that have courses you can take to help with this. Personal Connection 101, How To Build A Strong Relationship With Yourself, and our live show on Instagram and Facebook How To Personally Connect In The Midst Of A Global Pandemicare courses that will change the way you communicate during the COVID-19 crisis. These courses will give you the strategies you need to connect with yourself as well as colleagues, friends, and family during the pandemic. 

The courses show you how connecting with yourself is going to be helpful when connecting with your friends. Keeping yourself grounded and knowing who you will help ensure that you are connecting with others during this tough period of time.

Make Plans For When It’s Over

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You should also try to make plans when social distancing comes to an end. It may not look like this virus will go away soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the ball rolling. Think of things that you always love to do, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Obviously, you aren’t going to be able to put an exact date on the plans, but coming up with things to do together is going to help make you feel connected with your friends. Knowing that there are plans in place for when this is all over is going to make you feel so much better.

Not only that, but it will give you and your friends something to look forward to, knowing that you’ll be together when you can.

We hope that you have found this article helpful in showing you ways that you can connect with your friends during the pandemic. We know social distancing is tough, but with these tips, it can make the situation more enjoyable.

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