Is Microlearning An Essential Solution?

Is Microlearning An Essential Solution?

Is Microlearning An Essential Solution? 500 334 VP Legacies

In today’s world, where one has immediate access to any information they  seek, it can be difficult to commit an extended amount of time and energy to something when one’s attention span is already waning. This is especially true when one begins their new job, where the training period is known to be a long strenuous process that usually takes up time for both the employee and the company. But what if there was a way to reduce the time-consuming process it takes to train while also promoting an in-company information network? This is where microlearning comes in as a new method that could be the solution to a more efficient workplace. 

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What Are Some Examples of Microlearning?

Due to its loose definition in workplace environments, micro-learning  comes in a variety of forms. It could simply be an online instructional video like a TED Talk or a full-blown masterclass program with an array of 2-3 minute learning segments. Other companies have utilized on-the-job support and allow learners to receive instruction during their work hours.

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Other examples include:

  • Loom videos less than 10 minutes long.
  • YouTube clips for learning and development.
  • TikTok learning content.
  • Instagram videos.
  • Short form podcasts
  • Hosting short video content on Teachable.

What are the Features?


Micro-learning can broadly refer to a number of ways in which to receive information. In the case of eLearning, this can vary in digital forms such as videos, online presentations, and quizzes. By having a diverse range of options on how to deliver content, employees can engage with different learning tools to help them retain information.


Micro-learning lessons are supposed to be short and to the point so that they don’t take up too much time and overwhelm the learner. Instead of all the information thrown in one’s face in one sitting, it can be digested in small chunks over time as the employee gets more accustomed to their working environment.


An advantage of micro-learning is that it focuses more on specific topics rather than full tutorials that cover everything. This means that learners can access lessons based on whatever particular task or protocol they need to review. With specialized lessons that can be accessed when needed, it becomes easier to find the answers while on the job.

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What are the Benefits?

Just-in-time training

Since the micro-learning lessons are available at any time, one can access these tutorials on-demand. This is more effective than extended seminars given to employees at the beginning of their employment. It also helps learners retain the information provided since active problem solving is incorporated into the learning experience. 

Like you and I search YouTube and Google for immediate answers to our questions, your learners want to be able to recall information quickly and efficiently.

Diverse and accessible formats

Micro eLearning can be implemented on multiple devices, including mobile phones and other alternatives to a desktop computer. This allows more flexibility in learning the material and gives one the freedom to access the content on their own devices without having to worry about downloading massive files. 

Greater value for lower cost

Micro eLearning programs have proven to be cost-efficient considering their value on the market. Since creating micro-learning content for courses can be done without much difficulty, one can cut down tremendously on time and the budget it would take to make traditional instructional content, which can usually take weeks to produce.

Promotes personalized learning

Since not everyone can learn at the same pace or by the same teaching method, micro-learning allows one to customize their learning experience in a way that is conducive to how they absorb information. Many employers have realized the benefits of personalized learning and have even started compensating employees when they educate themselves outside of work hours. 

Promotes peer-based learning

Another feature of eLearning is that it promotes a network of knowledge among work colleagues. Since creating micro-lessons is uncomplicated and can be done by anyone, an employee can share a particular skill or method with other workers in a casual yet concise way.

What are the Disadvantages?

 it can be hard to cut down learning segments into small parts. It can also take a lot of time to do so if you are used to traditional learning. Overall, there really aren’t many disadvantages

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How Effective is Microlearning?

In today’s society, where people have a limited supply of time and attention dedicated to learning new things, microlearning is becoming a new solution in accommodating the new culture of information. When someone needs instruction on how to perform a particular task or want to get educated on a subject, most individuals will turn to the internet or YouTube to find the fastest results. What microlearning aims to accomplish is to shorten the amount of time it takes to train a worker while having them learn through experience by having all of the information at their convenience. Studies have shown that people prefer learning in bite-sized nuggets rather than over an extended training period. 

In addition to that micro-learning thrives in the instant gratification culture. For example, items from Amazon can be delivered instantly. Binge watching shows on netflix instead of waiting weeks.

Considering how young people entering the workforce tend to have lower attention spans, one can expect microlearning to become more prominent in the coming years. While it may not be the be-all and end-all solution to reaching major long-term goals, implementing eLearning can still be a significant step forward in creating efficient and knowledgeable workers. Luckily, custom eLearning development companies like VP Legacies are supplying businesses with state of the art microlearning solutions that have proven to help their employees engage with the developed content and assist them in navigating their working environment.  
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