10 Best eLearning Tools Online

10 Best eLearning Tools Online

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Learning is a never-ending process for businesses and their employees. In the corporate environment, where hiring new talent is increasingly expensive and cumbersome, eLearning can help engage employees and foster a sense of collaboration and personal connection in the workplace. The best investment a company can make in itself is in it’s employees, and eLearning can simultaneously help employees further develop their skills and boost employee retention. Upskilling existing employees has never been easier and more scalable thanks to the burgeoning eLearning industry.

Learning is a never-ending process for businesses and their employees. In the corporate environment, where hiring new talent is increasingly expensive and cumbersome, eLearning can help engage employees and foster a sense of collaboration and personal connection in the workplace. The best investment a company can make in itself is in it’s employees, and eLearning can simultaneously help employees further develop their skills and boost employee retention. Upskilling existing employees has never been easier and more scalable thanks to the burgeoning eLearning industry.

At VP Legacies, we use multi-modal media tools to improve internal communication and empower your employees to learn new skills and undertake new roles. Here, we will walk you through some tried-and-tested eLearning tools for leaders and their employees to advance their careers with the best possible platforms to understand and develop new methods of leadership/vocational skills and best practises relevant in today’s day and age.

Why eLearning?

While physical meetings and reading materials can also expand employee skills sets, these strategies alone pose barriers of location, time, and even engagement. Custom eLearning makes resources available to you at the click of a button. These platforms offer many logistical and strategic benefits, like helping employees in other offices feel in the loop, supplementing ongoing learning during conferences, and allowing employees a greater sense of flexibility. Participants can often choose the course of their liking and the topic of their choice, and  complete modules in their desired timeframe without feeling overburdened.

The requirements for executives and other upper level employees are vastly different from those just starting out. This is why the tools listed below act as a great resource point for tailored learning according to both employee position and company-wide goals.


What Determines A Good eLearning Course?

Just like any other course, an eLearning course or platform must have a well-rounded approach that will enable everyone in a company to grow. It should also encourage communication and connection rather than give employees a reason to isolate themselves at their desks.

A good eLearning tool should be well-focused, but also well-informed – drawing from multiple sources and knowledge bases in order to reach a high degree of depth and nuance. An eLearning course drafted by experts with credibility in their area of expertise communicates information in an informative but easy-to-understand manner. In addition to these factors, there are elements you should consider according to your company’s brand and goals before starting the eLearning journey.

Every eLearning tool has its own USP and key differentiating factors. Here’s a list with the top 10 eLearning tools that help with leadership, management and enthusiastic productivity at your company.


Top eLearning Tools

Custom eLearning Development from VP Legacies

Custom eLearning course development

The custom eLearning solutions and tool and eLearning courses here at VP Legacies emphasize the importance of personal connection and internal communication in the workplace. Humans are what make a business successful, and leaders can tackle the countless problems that arise on a daily basis by keeping everyone on the same page. Our resources at VP Legacies address a wide range of topics ranging from methods to reduce employee turnover to developing an efficient communication strategy and everything in between.

As a business leader, you know the importance of communication both within your organization and outside. As such, the educational material across multiple e-platforms recognizes helps develop vital skills for communication and connection that have a positive, long-lasting effect on the relationships and workflow at your company.



Teachable homepage eLearning guide

Teachable help creates courses with a user-friendly interface. Students can sign up to a school, view curriculums and previews, and purchase the courses. It only takes a few clicks, and clients will get a fully functional school with payment gateways, sales, marketing tools, and learning management. Since content is the greatest asset for any business, Teachable implements top-notch virtual classroom experience, powerful website customization capabilities, and other personalized features. With Teachable, clients can customize their online school with an innovative user interface and design lectures, homepage, and a sales page that fits their needs. In addition to that, clients can fully optimize the mobile and web platforms to offer students with a captivating learning experience across tablets, smartphones, and desktop. The whole idea is to create a website that looks stunning and functional in any device. With a power editor, clients can code and modify a particular aspect of the online school. With their state of the art technology, clients can now let their ambition fly to the top.



Kajabi screenshot eLearning guide

The fantastic part about Kajabi is that clients can access their products, website, community, marketing, and much more from a single dashboard. They can manage and reach their subscribers with customizable emails built with creative visuals to send gorgeous messages with videos, countdown timers, and automation to everyone. Clients can connect their marketing, products, and content in one place. This will create an effortless experience so that people can focus on their business instead of the tech aspect. In less than a minute, clients can turn ideas into reality with endless flexibility and customizable designs for their webpage. They can customize the prices, packages, and delivery with a single click.

The campaign function can help automate, optimize, and scale the business so that clients can focus on other essential aspects of their business. It’s the combination of automation and platform integration that helps business owners thrive and implement a story and personal experience to their audience without too much effort. With Kajabi, clients can tag people based on personal notes and behaviors so that they can implement the data for marketing purposes.

The platform also offers a straightforward integration system with Paypal and Stripe so that clients can get paid effortlessly. The service provides one-click upsell or one-time trial payment plans along with a variety of other options for an unforgettable experience. Kajabi also has services where clients can analyze data to make informed decisions. They can check out the user forecasting, reports, progress tracking, and observe customer engagements. The mobile app system provides customers with full access to the content to create more connections, better engagement experience, and learning tools to connect with the audience and community.



CoachReady is one of the first online coaching website, boasting over 10 years of experience in online coaching for executives. Their specialized coaching tools, courses and one on one interactions are what sets them apart. Their strategy focuses on building connections between employees and realizing the changing scenario in today’s corporate world in order to make key business decisions.



Founded by Harvard University and MIT, edX hosts a large database of courses that help business leaders. With over 550 courses in 10+ languages, edX has created an easy to access database for eLearning. With topics like ‘Storytelling in the workplace’ and others that deal with corporate culture and the importance of different communication strategies for executives, edX is one of the top eLearning tools for today’s leaders. The self-paced courses make it easy for busy professionals to learn and develop their skills at their own convenience and according to their own schedule.


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is the go-to place for all things professional. This social media network has carved its presence in the corporate scenario all over the world. LinkedIn Learning is a comprehensive tool for professionals to develop a myriad of skills. Its ‘Leadership and Management’ course, for instance, helps executives undergo professional development with efficiency and strong leadership in mind. It focuses on topics such as ‘Giving and Receiving Feedback’ and ‘Managing Team Conflict,’ which are core topics for internal communication. The learning courses are drafted and presented by executives who are leaders in their space, taking the time to share their knowledge with other upper-level employees across different industries.



A course database for all kinds of audiences, Coursera lets business leaders gain access to resources that will help them develop and enhance employee management skills, become a source of positive thinking for their teams, and develop their influencing abilities within an organization. The leadership and management courses at Coursera are developed by institutions from across the globe to provide a holistic approach to learning in the workplace. Coursera is a well-known eLearning platform with a track record of providing certifiable and reliable resources for leadership and management. Coursera’s specialization courses on topics like ‘Leading People and Teams’ and ‘Dynamic Public Speaking’ are useful tools for developing corporate communication strategies.



IIDM, or The International Institute of Directors and Managers, is home to a vast resource center that includes topics discussed by top CEOs and managers all across the globe. Their monthly roundup of ‘Top CEO issues’ provides a central place to understand common pain points faced by leaders from all over the world. Along with that, they possess a good number of resources on the importance of communication and the right way to tackle tricky situations through collaboration. Their eLearning platform also includes video resources and webinars along with excerpts from top business books.


Class Central

The eLearning platform, Class Central, provides access to free online courses and MOOCs from the University System of Maryland, Universitat Politècnica de València, University of the Witwatersrand, École Centrale Paris and other universities. Many courses in Class Central focus on personal communication, like their course ‘How Managers Can Learn from Philosophy’ and ‘Different Ways to Implement Positive Change in an Organization.’



The great thing about this eLearning tool is that they offer a wide variety of kinds of resources. These include articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, quizzes, book insights, expert interviews, and more. They cater only to those looking to develop their leadership and management skills along with other aspects of management like personal effectiveness skills. Their resource center is 2400+ strong. The introspective nature of their diverse media and the variety of learning categories makes this a worthwhile eLearning platform that’s intuitive to use and clearly adds a recognizable value to the learning process. The platform has courses on topics like ‘How Approachable Are You?’ and ‘Common Communication Mistakes,’ both essential topics for improved corporate internal communication and engagement.



CatalystX has an inclusive approach when it comes to learning. With today’s rapidly shifting corporate atmosphere, inclusivity on the senior level is of the utmost importance. As a senior-level executive, one needs to be aware of and be informed about issues such as LGBT+ inclusion and workplace bias. The courses at CatalystX are heavily leaning towards these issues and help executives understand their importance and more importantly how to deal with them in the workplace. The materials are available in different languages such as English, Japanese, French, and more.



Skillshare is a popular online learning community with contributors or teachers who have excelled in their respective fields. This video learning platform gives users the perfect opportunity to learn from their peers through interactive videos. They have over 24,000 courses, many of which include many business and leadership focused segments. Learn ‘How to Give and Get Honest Feedback’ along with ‘Mistakes to Avoid for Leaders’. Their vast variety of leadership and executive-level topics make it a great resource for anyone who is at a senior level and wants to expand their knowledge while leveraging their experience.


In Conclusion

There are few things in life as enriching as absorbing knowledge and bettering one’s communication abilities. Learning doesn’t stop at the executive level. In fact, in such a dynamic and ever-expanding corporate landscape, it’s more critical than ever that seasoned employees better their skills and expand their repertoire.

The thirst for knowledge and the quest for learning is why CEOs are CEOs. The list above is a compilation of various custom eLearning tools that help business leaders and employees across numerous aspects of leadership and management, all the way from workplace inclusivity to personal and internal communication development.


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